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As with the wine, Michael’s story begins with deeply rooted values. The true story that has become the Michael Franzese legacy begins and ends with putting family first...


Michael took the road less traveled but his relentless devotion to upholding his family name, standing in the face of fear to protect and provide, and standing up for what he believed in is how he survived and thrived as he grew through the “Life”...


From pre-med school to being listed as number 18 on Fortune magazine’s list of “Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses”, Michael always strived to be the best at whatever was in his path. His competitive spirit kept him alive as he navigated the treacherous waters of the mafia life, until his time was up..


Michael’s life was at a key turning point when he was taken away. He endured his own squeeze and discovered what is really important in life, just like the grapes that produce every bottle of our fine wine. He then chose to do the unthinkable and walk away from the mafia...


In this bold and courageous move, Michael began a new chapter in his life and created the loving family he has always wanted with his wife Camille. He shares his story all over the world in hopes of inspiring change in others who may be headed down the wrong path. It’s been our mission with Michael Franzese wines to continue this incredible story and showcase the wisdom & lessons that can be found on each and every bottle.


Fortune Magazine listed him as number 18 on it’s list of

“Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses”.

Michael Franzese rose up the ranks within the notorious Colombo crime family rather quickly to become the youngest in history to reach this level of success in the mafia. At his peak, he was pulling in around $10 million dollars a week through various legal and illegal businesses.

The proclaimed ‘Yuppy Don’...the Prince of the Mafia...seemed to have it all.

But it was never in Michael’s vision to become a mafia legend. He joined out of desperation to protect and provide for his family. And those same family values were not only the reason he joined the mafia, but also the reason he became the first (and only) high-ranking member to walk away and live to tell the story.

Michael did the unthinkable. He quit the Mob.

The love of his life, Camille, helped show him the things that truly matter in life. And after a very difficult time locked away in solitary confinement, left alone with only a Bible, Michael discovered the path he knew he needed to take next.

His devotion and commitment to her and his newfound relationship with God, inspired him to make his move away from his former life to start a new chapter that didn’t include the treacherous life of the Mafia.

It was a very bold and courageous move which could have had dire consequences but Michael stood in the face of fear and did what he truly felt in his heart was the right thing to do.

Today, Michael Franzese is a new man, using his past experiences to help those who may be vulnerable to the same pitfalls he faced. And for the past 25 years, he’s travelled around the world sharing his story, and has amassed a large community of supporters and following on YouTube.


Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world. Armenian wine recipes have been passed down for generations and preserved for centuries. Today, traditional wine presses and tried-and-true winemaking methods are used to produce a range of high-quality products.

According to legend, Noah himself planted the first vine in Armenia and served this sacred beverage from its grapes. While this account cannot be confirmed, archaeological finds indicate that wine production began on Armenian territory as early as the 11th -10th centuries BC. In caves near the village of Areni near Mount Ararat, 6100-year-old clay vessels, a grape press, vine seeds and wine-making tools were uncovered, making Areni the oldest known winery in the world. Famous Greek geographers Strabo and Herodotus wrote about the wines from Nairi, a tribal state on the Armenian Highlands, making it clear that Armenians have produced high-quality wines since ancient times.

Traces of this ancient wine-making culture are not limited to Areni Caves alone. All throughout Armenia, images of vine branches are prevalent on the walls of monasteries, churches and Soviet-era buildings. Amazingly, winemaking techniques developed in the ancient state of Urartu (present-day Armenia and Turkey) continue to be used in local productions.

A central element of the Armenian wine press is the khandzan, located near the house or in the garden of every Armenian family who produces wine. Inside the press is a long reservoir made of stone or brick and covered with a thick lime mortar.

A central element of the Armenian wine press is the khandzan, located near the house or in the garden of every Armenian family who produces wine. Inside the press is a long reservoir made of stone or brick and covered with a thick lime mortar. The reservoir has a slightly sloped bottom and a hole which opens onto a stone jar buried in the ground. After men tread the grapes in this reservoir with their bare feet, the juice is poured from the first jar into the second before being spooned with large, long ladles into lemon-shaped clay vessels called karas (greybeards), which according to Urartian custom is then buried in the earth.

Common grape varieties in Armenia include Akhtanak, Areni, Caberne, Sultana and Muscat, each of which is used in the production of excellent sweet, semi-sweet and dry wines. Machar is a popular traditional Armenian wine whose rich taste and aroma stem from the variety of grapes which are used in its production, yet the most beloved Armenian wine of all remains that which is produced from Areni grapes.



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