Are you a social media influencer or creator?

If you are good with camera and a fan the Godfather, you have found a perfect challenge.

About the challenge

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must be in the US
  • Create a vertical, <90 second video featuring Franzese Wine in some capacity. How you creatively bring that to life is up to you!
  • Post video to Instagram or TikTok tagging @franzesewine with the hashtag #franzesecreatorcontest OR email it to us to post ourselves:

    Last day submit: May 31st

Video must be:

  • Video duration: <90 sec
  • Aspect Ratio: 9x16
  • Feature the Franzese Wine brand in some capacity

What are we judging you on?
All videos will be judged on the following 3 things:

  • Creative use of product - how creatively do you insert the Franzese brand into your video?
  • Editing - can you wow us with your editing prowess or make a piece that is very endemic to Instagram?
  • Brand Fit - does your tone of voice fit our brand?

What is the Franzese Wine brand?

  • Masculine brand representing transformation, growth & legacy.
  • Sourced from the World's First Vineyards of Armenia.
  • Bringing the taste of excellent ancient wines and the message of true manhood and transformation to the masses.

The Prize:

  • Social Media contract with Franzese Wine up to $2000 (to be negotiated based on agreement).
  • Private dinner with Michael Franzese

Are you up for the challenge? Submit your take and you may just get a seat at our table.

Detailed rules + Terms & Conditions