Armenian Wine: A Must-Try for Any Wine Lover

Are you ready to discover a new world of wine? Look no further than Armenian wine, a hidden gem that every wine enthusiast should try.

At Franzese Wine, we are passionate about introducing our customers to new and exciting wine regions, and Armenia is one that we are particularly excited about. Here are five reasons why every wine enthusiast should give Armenian wine a try:

(Spoiler Alert!!! World's First Vineyards Were Found in Armenia)

  1. Unique Terroir: Armenia's unique combination of high altitude, sunny climate, and mineral-rich soil imparts distinct characteristics to the grapes grown there, resulting in flavors that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  2. Ancient Varietals: Armenia is home to several ancient varietals, such as the Areni grape, that are not grown anywhere else. These ancient varietals add depth and complexity to Armenian wines. Pinot Noir is almost identical to Areni. The worlds first vineyards were found in Armenia, and the first varietal was Areni

  3. Emerging Wine Scene: Armenia's wine industry is still in its early stages of development, meaning there is a lot of room for innovation and experimentation. This makes for an exciting and dynamic wine scene.

  4. Affordable Prices: Armenian wines are often much more affordable than those from more well-known wine regions, making them a great option for those looking to try something new without breaking the bank.

  5. Delicious Wines: From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, Armenian wines are simply delicious. Whether you prefer dry or sweet, light or full-bodied, there is something for every wine enthusiast to enjoy.

So why not give Armenian wine a try? Michael Franzese could have chosen any vineyard in the world, he chose Armenia, why shouldn't you? We have a range of Armenian wines to choose from, so you can discover the unique flavors of this exciting wine region. We can't wait for you to try them and find your new favorite bottle!