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Our inner wine club allows you to join and be part of the exclusive family. You will receive our high-quality wine every single month, and receive monthly life advice from the man who’s seen it all. We would love to share a glass with you for joining the family!


Joining as the Capo you will receive 3 bottles every month, and will receive a special guide on Negotiating from Michael Franzese himself. Oh, we forgot to mention the 15% off from regular prices every single month.

(3 bottles)



Joining as the Underboss you will receive 6 bottles every month, with high altitude comes great responsibility, you will receive special footage on how to manage people and manage expectations. As an underboss you have a lot of responsibilities, that is why we give you special training and 20% off from regular prices every month.

(6 bottles)



As a boss you are now the head of the family and make sure everyone is taken care of. That is why you will receive a special 12 bottles every month, to make sure the entire family has a taste of your success. As a boss, leadership is key, that is why we will send you free guide on how to be a leader and special footage of Michael Franzese teaching you the secrets of leadership. You receive the ultimate 25% off on all orders.

(12 bottles)