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About the Opportunity


Michael Franzese here. There was a reason Vanity Fair Magazine named me "the biggest earner the mob had seen since Al Capone." I made my crew, those closest to me, wealthy.

Today I'm offering you a chance to be a part of the next chapter.

From my day in the Mafia to my transformation as a speaker, author, and influencer... Loyalty, trust, and executing on the right opportunities are values that have always served me well. Today, Franzese Wines embodies those values.

The big banks, smelling the scent of success, knocked on our doors recently ready to invest in Franzese Wine. But I remembered the old days. I told my partner Sam, "Let's take this to our family first, the banks have enough money, let our crew win with us. They have always had our backs, now it's time we have theirs."

So here we are, considering a crowdfunding venture that's not just about the love for wine but a potential wealth generator for those who join in. If you're feeling the same loyalty and intrigued by the opportunity, here's where we stand:

Why Franzese Wines


Discover a brand with a legacy connection, fronted by Michael Franzese, with millions of loyal followers

Massive Upside Potential

Seize the opportunity to invest in a brand aiming for national distribution, disruptive marketing, and potential for unmatched prosperity


Connect with a brand that values loyalty, trust, and offers savings directly to customers and retailers

The Legacy Connection

Be part of a shared journey that's about more than just wine. It's about a legacy and potential wealth generation

What's In the Webinar?

Join Michael live as he unfolds the vision of Franzese Wines and guides you through the investment journey. Here's what you'll learn:

  • The Vision: Michael's personal insights into the philosophy behind Franzese Wines.
  • The Investment Path: Clear step-by-step guidance on how you can get involved.
  • The Massive Upside: Uncover the immense growth potential and benefits of investing.
  • Q&A with Michael: Your chance to ask Michael any questions about the investment.


Anyone who appreciates wine and sees the unique potential in Franzese Wines

You can get started with as little as $100!

Register for our exclusive webinar to learn all the details.

Our history, values, direct approach, and Michael's deep involvement set us apart.

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